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Photo: Scott Philip Brown

"Have you considered art school?"

My dad was a police officer when I was a kid, and I knew then all I ever wanted was to be a police officer. A screwy right knee prevented that career dream from becoming reality. Major bummer.

So after high school, when a classmate asked me, “Have you considered art school?", I replied, "Never heard of it". 

You see, I was voted most artistic in my senior class because I drew cartoons of my friends. I was good at drawing, so why not? A year later I was in an art program surprising myself. (Thank you, Rachel!)

Over two decades later, I’m a seasoned multimedia specialist with a knack for surprising clients. Creating memorable experiences winds my clock. I’ve built so many types of media for so many purposes, it’s natural behavior for me to point clients in the ideal creative direction.

Versatility energizes me. I thrive shifting gears from producing a video that encourages philanthropy to shoot photography that recruits new talent; from illustrating educational displays to designing a packaging system for a brewery, and it excites me to be the brand police - it satisfies many long-time desires!

A former Site Coordinator and RiderCoach of nearly a decade with the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program, my experience instructing and building a high-performing team enhanced how I manage relationships and lead people in my creative work.

​Quality and discovery are integral to my lifestyle, as are empathy, knowledge sharing, motorcycles, photography (birds and people are my favorites), and volunteering creative services for non-profits.

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