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In the corporate environment, opportunities to capture important moments in company history happen regularly. The addition of a multi-million dollar building was one of those moments, and many photos were captured over the period of construction, only a few of which are shared here.

Permissions were obtained to photograph construction workers, and use and distribution of the images was carefully planned to ensure copyright was maintained.

A corporate recruiting office wanted a fresh library of photographs for a recruiting effort. After a couple planning meetings, a two-day shoot was carefully planned to efficiently capture as many types of images as possible within our schedule. Nearly 250 images made the cut, and the images served their purpose for five years.

The corporate trading environment is highly monitored and protected, so photographing a working trading floor must be done with careful consideration.

While people in the environment are very busy, there are great image opportunities! My goal in this environment was to shoot candid images that told stories, while remaining as invisible as possible, as not to disrupt employees.