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Brazillian Day Philadelphia

Of the many events I've photographed, Brazilian Day Philadelphia is by far the the most colorful and dynamic.

Thousands turn out each year to celebrate the Brazilian culture with music and dance. I proudly photographed this event from 2014 to 2017, amassing images that will forever rank among my favorites.

After seven years, The Brazilian Day Philadelphia non-profit organization still uses the images to advertise the event in print and web, and it continues to grow in popularity. 


Josh Turner

On November 8, 2019, country and gospel music star Josh Turner put on an incredible show at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport, PA. The opening artist was upcoming country musician, Robert Counts.


As house photographer that evening, I captured as much of Josh Turner and his band as I could in just the first three songs, hustling from position to position to vary the types of shots I captured. 


Ellie Kreiger

A few opportunities to photograph a celebrity have popped up over the years. One of those was Ellie Kreiger from the Food Network.

Ms. Kreiger shared healthy eating and cooking advice to an audience of nearly 300 corporate employees, and I was tapped to capture the event in images.

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