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This non-profit freelance video project was recorded as a message to donors and shared at a dinner honoring those donors.

I worked with Trellis for Tomorrow to create a story that shared important value propositions created by their donations. After a plan and schedule were created, I recorded all footage and interviews, edited the story line, and added music that completed the atmosphere of the message. 

Adding value at the local level

Executives in our division wanted to tell a story of creating value that individuals and small teams could identify with, so a plan was created to tell stories about teams with consistently high-value contributions. 

To complete this video, I scheduled shoots with teams and managed logistics, directed those teams how to interact for recording, and edited the story into a message that was easy to relate to. I conducted and recorded interviews in a studio for efficient scheduling.

Sharing education

A new educational thrust is shared in this message by the program director. Multiple takes were required as the director was a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, but with coaching and patience, a successful message was shared with an entire division.

I captured all b-roll footage, conducted and recorded the interview, and followed through with editing and distribution on an internal web site.

Sharing success

This is one of a series of video created to share how particular teams had consistently high satisfaction ratings from team members. Each team shared their culture and best practices to keep morale high.

My role was to plan, shoot, edit, and manage the video in its entirety. 

Supporting diversity

My role in creating this video was to act as director, shooter, and editor. I helped the executive in the video decide how to tell a story of diversity to 1,500 employees, and edited the footage to reflect the spirit of the executives' dedication to an inclusive culture.

B-roll footage wasn't available, so photos from a recent pride march were used to successfully communicate commitment to a safe work environment.

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