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Finance Exchange

In 2016, a team of finance professionals from Aetna, Accenture, L'Oreal USA, Verizon, The Vanguard Group, Honeywell, IBM, and Johnson&Johnson formed a cross-educational team called Finance Education Management Council, designed for finance professionals to share best practices.

I was brought onto the team as a brand consultant, and lead the team of twelve through an exploration exercise to help them define their identity and simplify the title to Finance Exchange.

As a designer, I created the Finance Exchange logo using all caps and a traditional dot sequence so it would feel at home on the NYSE trading floor.

After the design work was completed and put to work, I came back to photograph social activities and knowledge sharing events held at the New York Stock Exchange, when the branding and design efforts came full-circle.


The event was a complete success, with a full enrollment of attendees and a group who rang the famous opening bell on the NYSE balcony!

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